About Us

 We are so thankful you are here. We are the Reiss family, owners of 4R Farm, located near Weskan, Kansas. We would love to provide you and your family with local, heritage breed pork from our farm. Feel free to reach out- we are happy to help! 

- The Reiss Family

Our History

Dakota and Kinzie both grew up raising livestock- 1,000 miles away from each other. Dakota grew up raising hogs and cattle on the same farm where we currently live, and Kinzie raised cattle with her dad in central Indiana. Fortunately, livestock judging scholarships brought them together. Kinzie moved to Kansas to judge livestock at Butler Community College, and Dakota moved east to judge at Hutchinson. Both of them then attended Kansas State University College of Agriculture- Dakota graduated with a degree in animal science and Kinzie in agricultural education. Dakota moved back to take over the family farm in 2013, and Kinzie followed suit after they were married in 2015. The farmhouse they moved into is original to the family farm and was built by Dakota's great grandpa. Ted Reiss. Fun fact- our current freezer storage room was once where Dakota's great grandpa housed his draft horses in the late 1920s while working on the house- that he ordered from a Sears catalog. The original cattle brand (that continues today) is bar 4 R- hence the nod to 4R Farm.Dakota and Kinzie continued to raise hogs and expanded their family to include Kree (2017) and Kannon (2018)....and even added a herd of goats in 2019. They always enjoyed their own pork, but their primary income from the hogs was selling them to 4-H and FFA members to exhibit. Occasionally, they sold whole hogs and always received great feedback. During the pandemic, Kinzie began wondering about the possibility of selling pork directly to friends and neighbors. However, a career and two very busy little boys put things on hold. In 2021, Kinzie mentioned the hairbrained idea to family who began encouraging the idea. While on maternity leave in late 2022 (enter our sweet Karoline to the family), 4R Farm was formed with the focus of providing quality, locally raised pork to our neighbors in western Kansas.

Why buy 4R?

Our pork is raised right here on our farm from even before day one. We have carefully chosen the genetics behind each pig and continue striving to create high quality pork on your table. Each of our pigs are raised on dirt and with a specialized diet. We work with the best processor in our region to bring quality pork to your table.